We are the company whose Staff has broad experience in working at big industrial buildings such as power plants, electrical power and heating plants, steel plants and manufacturing plants.

We can provide professional welders to work with a certain kind of materials as well as installers who have the knowledge of technical and isomeric drawings.

Our staff, who is hired to perform given tasks, always do their work at the highest level. Our staff has wide experience and excellent qualifications which are proved by different certificates.


We offer numerous installer’s services related to electrical heat boilers and other industrial buildings.

We deal with welding using various methods for example TIG ( 141 ), MAG ( 135, 136, 138 ) Electrode ( 111 ) We work with different kinds of materials.

Thanks to our broad experience and well qualified staff we overhaul and install things like :

  • electrical boilers
  • V tanks with ASME and ISO – 9606 standard
  • bridge and industrial constructions


ENERGY-MONT is a company whose priority is the highest standard of service and given tasks. Our driving force is taking care of the quality of the services. We use the newest technology and the highest standards which fulfill the exorbiant quality standards.

Our company deals with making steel constructions and overhauling buildings, electrical and industrial machines mainly by performing welding and installing services.

The success of Energy-Mont company is due to our experience and self-improvement abilities and our qualified staff.


  • Przedsiębiorstwo Usług i Zaopatrzenia Energetyki
  • ul. Krakowska 36, 42-421 Włodowice
  • NIP: 577-127-26-67 REGON: 243649258
  • tel.:  (+48) 606-116-413,  (+48) 572-927-373
  • e-mail:  biuro@energy-mont.pl